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         With the rapid development of 20 years, we already have built two production bases  in  China. In order  to meet the increasing market demand or OEM production, Our factory have equipped the most advanced production machine ,  overs total 40000 square meters , and total 2500 employees, with daily production capacity over 200000 PCS  li-ion cylindrical batter and 200000 pcs li-polymer battery.   

       We have  first-class production equipments, advanced technology, strict quality requirement, and efficient service team. As one of major global supplier , we have the first -class battery assembly lines, and strong production capacity and can comparable with international standards.Our battery are widely used in RV,HV,camping car ,Marine ,solar system, boat ,caravans,Street lighting, motor, scooter, vehicles cars, communication station, motorcycle, smart watch, PDA, VR, Bluetooth, airplan, electrical tools .toys, sports DV, medical equipment, lighting, LED, emergency lighting, smart wear equipment , and so on