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How long does a golf cart battery last?

How long does a golf cart battery last?

Generally, under the premise that the structure of the vehicle is intact, the service life of the electric golf cart is inseparable from the use of the battery. Generally, the battery can be used for about 2 years if it is used normally. If it is driven by a lithium battery, then the service life of 5-8 years is no problem at all. Compared with battery electric golf carts, the price of lithium batteries is much higher.

how long does a golf cart battery last

If you have an electric golf cart, then by now you must have realized the importance of the golf cart battery for working on the cart. In fact, the battery is considered the heart of the golf cart. If you don't know how many types of golf cart batteries there are. That's ok, this article is helpful.

You've probably seen cars that use single batteries; however, that's not the case with golf cart batteries. The voltage of these batteries is 6 volts, 8 volts or 12 volts. You can combine the total voltage provided by each battery to calculate the total voltage required by the golf cart.

36-volt golf cart may have six 6-volt batteries, while a 48-volt golf cart typically has eight 6-volt batteries and six 8-volt batteries. The higher the voltage, the greater the power and the longer the service time.

Electric Golf Cart Batteries There are several types of batteries used in electric golf carts. The batteries used in electric golf carts do not function the same way as car batteries. The batteries used in electric golf carts should be able to store enough electricity to move the vehicle. It is recommended to charge the battery after each use.

Deep Cycle Batteries A deep cycle battery may discharge and require recharging several times during its service life. They provide stable current over a long period of use. They don't produce short bursts of high current for short periods of time like car batteries do. Also, deep cycle batteries have thicker plates than car batteries.