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51.2v 200ah powerwall for home energy storage

48V 200ah lithium battery
  • 48V 200ah lithium battery
  • 51.2v 200ah
  • 51.2v 200ah lithium battery
  • 51.2v 200ah powerwall
  • 51.2v 200ah battery
  • 51.2v 200ah lithium battery
  • 51.2v 200ah battery

51.2v 200ah lithium battery for fome energy storage

Product Specification:

  • Cell Type:

    LFP Prismatic Cells

  • Module Number:


  • Size:

    650*485*180 mm

  • Weight:


  • Energy:


  • Cycle life:

    ≥ 6000 times

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51.2v 200ah powerwall for fome energy storage

51.2v 200ah lithium home battery,also called wall mounted battery, is a high performing storage battery developed to provide house sustainable energy. It stores extra electricity produced by sun in daytime,while keep home powered at night or electricity failure time.For saving electricity bills and backup emergency power, this lithium house battery can be a good choice. Check other models of our storage batteries.

General Parameter
Combination method
Rated Capacity
Standard discharge after Standard charge
Factory Voltage
 Mean Operation Voltage
Discharge Cut-off Voltage
Charging Voltage
Internal Impedance
Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge
Standard charge current
 Charge time : Approx 6 h
Limiting charge current
Standard discharge current 


Max Continuous Charge Current
Max Continuous Discharge Current
200A when 0ºC>T≥-10ºC
100A when -10ºC>T≥-20ºC


Operation Temperature Range
Charge: 0~45℃
Bare Cell
Discharge: -20~55℃
Storage Temperature Range
Less than 12 months 
Less than 3 months
Less than 7 day 

735*545*190 mm

51.2v 200ah battery

51.2v 200ah battery

51.2v 200ah lithium battery

Benefits of 51.2v 200ah lithium battery for house energy storage


(1)  Making full use of clean energy.

The output power of solar energy and wind energy can be effectively smoothed. The impact to the power grid and users, which is consulted by intermittency of new energy can be effectively overcome.

(2)  Providing uninterrupted power

Can satisfy the requirement of users under the extreme environment, such like the power failure caused by earthquake and flood.

(3)  Saving electricity for users by peak-shift.

Under the price of peak valley, if the power consumption is big in the rash hour, this system can help to save expenditure by storing electricity during the electricity troughs, and using in the peak time.


Working Mode of grid 51.2v 200ah lithium battery Solar Powerwall


(1)  PV Solar Priority Mode

In this mode, the power supply to the load is fed by the solar panel input. The amount of electricity generated by the solar cell is stored in the powerwall in addition to the user load. When the amount of electricity generated by solar does not meet the user load, the amount of electricity stored in the battery bank is replenished to the load.

wall mounted battery

(2)  AC Priority Mode

In this mode, the power supply of the load is provided by the mains input. Solar power only charges the house battery; When the battery power is seriously insufficient, the AC mains will start to charge the battery.When the AC mains is powered off or abnormal, the system will switch to the battery to supply power to the load.

48v 100ah wall mounted battery

Lithium Ion wall mounted battery Series

Discharge Current (max)
48V 100AH
≈ 56KG
48V 150AH
≈ 75KG
48V 200AH
≈ 95KG
51.2V 100AH 
≈ 58KG
51.2V 150AH
≈ 78KG
51.2V 200AH 
≈ 100KG
10KW PowerWall
portable solar power station 12v

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2.Reliable quality; Factory direct price; Complete production lines.

3.Timely and professional pre-sales service and after-sales service.

4.100% test before shipment; Solid package; Fast delivery and stable shipment.

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portable solar power station 12v
portable solar power station 12v

1.Where can I get the price of 51.2v 200ah lithium battery ?

Welcome to contact the Online Services. If it's not our working time,

 please click "Send Inquiry" above or "Leave a Comment" below,

 We will offer you the best quote in 24 hours after we get the product specifications

 such as voltage capacity application etc.

2.How can you guarantee your quality?

Normally we will send you a sample to confirm everything first.

We will make the big order exactly the same as you request.

3.What about the lead time for mass production?

It depends on your order quantity.Normally 1-2days if we have sample in stock,

5-7days for newly produced samples.10-20 day for big order.

4.What shipping method can I choose? How about the shipping time?

By Express (3-7 working days), suitable for urgent time or small quantity.

By Sea (15-30 days), it suitable for mass production.

By Air (4-7 days), from airport to airport.

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