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Lithium Ion Car Starting Battery Series, Lifepo4 Starter Battery 12V

12volt lithium starter battery
  • 12volt lithium starter battery
  • 12v 80 amp hour auto battery
  • lithium 600 cranking battery
  • 12v 80ah lifepo4 car battery
  • auto starter battery

Lithium Ion Car Starting Battery 12V 80AH LiFePO4 Cells With BMS

Product Specification:

  • Cell Model:

    IFR 3.2V 20Ah

  • Peak Cranking Amps:


  • Cold Cranking Amps (-20℃):


  • Dimension:


  • Weight:


  • Certificate:


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Advanced Lithium Ion Car Starting Battery 12V 80Ah

This lithium ion car starting battery series are based on lifepo4 technology. Compared with lead acid starter batteries, they have very high discharge rate with a smaller capacity and lighter weight.They also feature BMS inside for the safest and long-life performance. They have lower self-discharge rate so they can still provide enough cranking power when sitting for months.

General Parameter
IFR 3.2V 20AH
Casing material for single cell
Polymer aluminum foil
Standard capacity(0.2C 5 A)
Rated voltage
Work voltage:3.20V
Max.Charge voltage
Single Ave. charge Voltage 3.6V
Cut-off voltage
Single Ave. Discharge Voltage 2.63V
Standard charge current
0.5C (can be adjusted )
charging Time
About 3.0h
Max Continuous discharge current
Maximum Cranking Amps
11.25C 1s
Battery dimension
Single case size
Total weight(Approx.)
About 9kg
Each box weight, 1pcs / box
Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz.)
≤ 6mΩ
Between the positive and negative
High cold cranking Amps
600 CCA
Battery case material

Charge method (CC/CV)


lithium ion car starting battery 80ah

600CCA cranking battery lithium




lithium starter battery 12v

Integrated With BMS

Higher safety performance. BMS provide over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit protection. No fire hazard.

LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells

About 1/3 lighter in weight compared with lead acid batteries. More than 3000 cycle life and start your car more times repeatable

Peak 1000CCA Starting Power

Quick start-off ability.Capable of high current (we offer 300CCA-1000CCA ) to meet different vehicles' need.

Increase Fuel Efficient by 2%

After testing, within 5 minutes after starting, the battery charging current is close to 0A, and the idling fuel consumption of the car is reduced by more than 10%.

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1.Where can I get the price of the 12v 80ah lithium ion car starting battery?

   Welcome to contact the Online Services. If it's not our working time,

    please click "Send Inquiry" above or "Leave a Comment" below,

    We will offer you the best quote in 12 hours after we get the product specifications

    such as voltage capacity application etc.

2.How can you guarantee your quality?

   Normally we will send you a sample to confirm everything first.

   We will make the big order exactly the same as you request.

3.What about the lead time for mass production?

    It depends on your order quantity.Normally 1-2days if we have sample in stock,

    5-7days for newly produced samples.10-20 day for big order.

4.What shipping method can I choose? How about the shipping time?

    By Express (3-7 working days), suitable for urgent time or small quantity.

    By Sea (15-30 days), it suitable for mass production.

    By Air (4-7 days), from airport to airport.

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