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Cyclen’s Autumn Outdoor Activity


October 21, 2018 is a nice day.In order to improve the communication of colleages and increase cooperative spirit of team. Cyclen organized an outdoor activity.

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In the morning , all staff wear uniform issued by company and took a bus to Wu tong Mountain in Shenzhen. From the foot of mountain, all staff started climbing the Wutong mountain together by hiking , enjoying  the beautiful Autumm scenery .

In the cheers and laughter, They played all the attractions along mountain load, such as Feng Mingqin Scenic Spot, Wutong Yanyun Scenic Spot, Bi Qifeng Scenic Spot and so on.

Once some staff were tired of climbing the mountain. Others encouraged each other and took the hands. Through mutual encouragement and support, the staff increased emotional exchange and team cohesion.

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This activity made everyone relaxing in the usual intense work, make the culture of the whole company more cohesive, the relationship between colleagues is more harmonious, and the spirit of the whole company is more high-spirited and vigorous.