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Household optical storage integrated solution

Household optical storage integrated solution

With the increasing proportion of renewable energy such as photovoltaics in the power system, the integration of photovoltaics and energy storage plays an increasingly important role in the face of inherent difficulties such as the volatility of photovoltaic power generation. With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry and the gradual maturity of energy storage technology, "photovoltaic + energy storage" has become an important driving force for industrial technology upgrading and model innovation.

Nowadays, more and more users hope to use more photovoltaic power generation for their household loads, but in the face of applications such as photovoltaic self-use and no surplus to the grid, self-use electricity price is much more expensive than on-grid electricity price, peak electricity price is much more expensive than wave flat electricity price, etc. Scenarios, the solution of hybrid optical storage system came into being. CYCLEN has launched a solar-storage integrated solution for home scenarios, which can intelligently and flexibly solve home energy management problems for you.

all in one energy storage system

Perfect function

During the day, the photovoltaic inverter converts light energy into electrical energy to supply household loads, meeting the 24-hour clean energy demand of a household. The "spontaneous generation and self-use" mode of the integrated optical storage machine can realize "zero" electricity bills for households. With the function of uninterruptible power supply, in case of power failure or instability of the grid, the inverter and energy storage battery can ensure the continuous operation of important loads and improve the stability of household electricity consumption. In the "peak shaving and valley filling" mode, the integrated optical storage machine can also take advantage of the difference in the peak and valley electricity prices of the grid, charge the battery when the electricity price is low, and discharge it when the electricity price is more expensive, thereby earning the difference in electricity prices.

Outstanding craftsmanship

Compared with other products, Cyclen household optical storage solution has outstanding advantages in structure and technology. Specially designed for home space, with simple appearance, quiet, waterproof and dustproof, it can be very naturally integrated into the home environment.

The system adopts an integrated design, module installation, plug and play, free of on-site docking commissioning; a single module is less than 50kg, can be transported and installed by one person; compared with non-integrated designs, it saves 50% installation It can be installed in half an hour, and the wiring can be completed in 1 hour. The quick-plug connection design eliminates the need for on-site wiring, saving time, effort and worry.

All in one energy storage system

safe and reliable

This optical-storage integrated solution uses lithium iron phosphate batteries. Compared with ternary batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have more stable chemical bonds, high temperature resistance, impact resistance design, safe and reliable. The battery cycle life is as high as 10,000 times, ensuring that the system can be used for ten years without worry.

Compared with the traditional grid-connected power generation system, the cost of the household energy storage system has increased, and the system is more complicated, but the application range is wider and the function is more powerful. The power supply expansion solution of the photovoltaic + energy storage mode is not only green and low-carbon, but also realizes the optimal use of solar energy, and the friendliness of grid connection will continue to improve. increasingly economical.