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How to choose 24v lifepo4 battery

24v lifepo4 battery are used as Golf Cart, RV, Marine,UPS, Portable Backup Power, Solar Power battery, So how to choose a good 24 lifepo4 battery ? What should you pay attention to ?

24v lifepo4 battery

1,Check if the product logo is complete.

To purchase 24v lifepo4 battery, first pay attention to check whether the outer packaging of the battery is damaged or has the trace of disassembly. Secondly, check whether the product logo is complete, including the manufacturer's name, product specification model, manufacturing date, trademark, etc. Finally, we must check whether the internal and external signs are consistent, especially if the product has a target, and the production date should be noted in the near future.

2, observe the appearance of 24v lifepo4 battery

When purchasing a battery, pay special attention to the appearance of the battery, pay attention to check whether the battery has deformation, cracks, scratches and leaks. Finally, look at the positive and negative metal terminals of the battery for clean, no rust, and clear signs.

3, pay attention to the rated capacity of the mark

The battery is the main source of power, and the battery with different capacity and power is 2 to 3 times different in price. So when buying, what is the rated capacity of the battery you buy? The larger the rated capacity of the battery, the longer the battery discharge time.

The nominal voltage of the battery pack and the nominal voltage of the appliance used must be exactly the same, otherwise the battery will be over-discharged frequently, which seriously affects the battery life. It is best not to buy lifepo4 battery without rating, and pay attention to whether it is a special battery. If there are multiple capacity labels, the rated capacity shall prevail.

4, service and word of mouth

Brand, service and word of mouth are the best ways to promote your battery. When you buy, you must not only choose a good quality battery, but also better than the service, the brand, pay attention to whether the product has a perfect after-sales service, in terms of service quality, reputation, so that in the future battery failure, can It is solved in the shortest time.

5, understand the battery warranty period and warranty content

When purchasing a battery, the merchant generally promises a battery warranty for one year, but the merchant said that the "one year" is divided into time slots: generally refers to the quality problem within six months from the date of purchase, replace the new battery, six months The replacement of the old maintenance battery in one year will not be responsible for the problem after one year of use.

Therefore, when you purchase 24v lifepo4 battery, you should negotiate with the merchant for the specific warranty period and corresponding contents of the battery, and indicate on the warranty card to avoid consumer disputes.

24v lifepo4 battery

All in all, in the selection of 24v lifepo4 battery pay more attention to the above points, you can pick out a good battery