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How to judge the quality of lifepo4 battery pack

lifepo4 battery pack is being used more and more widely because of their high safety, especially for the combination of power lithium batteries. The parameters for judging the advantages and disadvantages of lifepo4 battery pack are almost the same as those of other batteries, but in particular, four aspects should be noted: consistency, self-discharge rate, high rate, and long life.

lifepo4 battery

lifepo4 battery

Consistency: If the lithium battery pack with poor consistency has a protection board, its capacity will be the lowest according to the bucket principle, which will cause the entire battery pack to not fully discharge power due to one battery core. The ground absorbs electrical energy, and over time, the life of the battery pack is short. If the battery pack does not have a protective plate, there is not only a loss of capacity, but also a safety problem that may cause overheating and explosion.

The method of testing consistency is to connect the batteries that need to be tested in series, 4 groups or 6 groups, to do 1C charging and 3C discharging. During the charging and discharging process, it is enough to see the difference in rising and falling of the battery votage. .

Self-discharge rate: Since lifepo4 battery pack are often used for power lithium batteries, the power consumption is large, which requires that the self-discharge rate of the battery pack should be less than 2% per month. To achieve this, the above consistency requirements must not be met. Less, after the consistency test is passed, the self-discharge rate is detected by charging the battery with the same capacity and letting it stand for one month, and then measuring the capacitance value.

High magnification: A battery pack that can withstand high-rate charge and discharge has a strong ability to charge and discharge quickly. For lifepo4 battery pack, it must be able to charge and discharge quickly to meet its requirements for a power lithium battery. The test method for high magnification is: according to the conditions provided by the manufacturer of the lithium battery, the highest rate is tested. If there is a serious problem of heat generation during charging and discharging, the quality of the battery is not good. In general, the power lithium battery pack should meet the safety requirements of 3C charging and 30C discharge.

Long life: As a general requirement, lifepo4 battery pack have 85% capacity after 2000 C discharges, and 80% capacity after 3000 cycles. Of course, each manufacturer's standards are different due to different process levels and materials. The test method is theoretically based on the data provided by the manufacturer. Whether the data provided by the manufacturer is true or not, at present, only the brand effect can be seen. It depends on which brand the consumer believes.