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Who can better penetrate the consumer’s heart with the ternary lithium battery and Lifepo4 battery?

In recent years, as new energy auto industry develop rapidly in china and under the dual benefits of policies and markets, everyone's attention to power batteries has become higher and higher. The research on the three core technologies of new energy vehicles, namely, battery ,electric control and electric motor, is constantly improving. Today, we want to talk to everyone about the core components of the battery. The battery is responsible for the cruising range of electric vehicles. At present, the mainstream choice of Chinese power batteries is Lifepo4 battery  and ternary lithium batteries. In contrast, the ternary lithium battery is the most frequently used in the two types. According to the 8 batches of 296 new energy passenger cars released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2017, the most used ternary lithium batteries have a total of 221 models. There are only 33 models of Lifepo4 battery.

lifepo4 battery

For consumers, the choice of which type of battery is mainly depends on which battery has a longer range, longer life and more safety. Speaking of the battery's cruising range, it is actually looking at the energy density of the battery. The ternary lithium electromagnetic has a high energy density and a higher voltage. Therefore, the capacity of the battery pack of the same weight is larger, and the cruising range of the car can be further.In china, consumers have higher requirements for the space of the car, so high-density batteries can release more body space, giving riders a better ride experience, especially for home users. It is a very important plus item.

In terms of battery life, Lifepo4 battery is more advantageous in terms of recycling rate and ternary lithium battery, but for the normal family, the rated cycle life of both is far more than the actual use. Therefore, although Lifepo4 battery has advantages in this aspect, it is not attractive to consumers. In addition, the low temperature performance degradation of Lifepo4 battery is also a major drawback. Data shows that a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh, if operating in -10 ° C environment, after less than 100 charge and discharge cycles, the power will be sharply attenuated to 500 mAh. As the main market for pure electric vehicles, the winter temperature in northern China is often around minus 10 °C. This shortcoming is undoubtedly a problem for car owners.

lifepo4 battery

According to the material system, both batteries will decompose when they reach a certain temperature. The decomposition temperature of the Lifepo4 battery is higher than the ternary lithium battery, but this does not determine that the safety of the ternary lithium battery is poor because the safety design of the power battery system can be upgraded through various aspects such as power connection structure, thermal management design, battery management system, etc., so that the safety measures are designed more scientifically and scientifically, so that the battery work can be safe. under. For example, the ITCS battery temperature management system of Geely New Energy's electric vehicle configuration can turn on cooling at 38 degrees to ensure  the battery operates in a safe temperature range. In contrast, the safety of Lifepo4 battery is undoubtedly higher.

The ternary lithium battery and Lifepo4 battery, a high energy density, a high security, is still difficult to choose. Iron and lithium extrusion, puncture, fire, no burning and explosion, but if the ternary lithium battery will burn and explode due to these factors. With the same weight of batteries, iron and lithium run 350 kilometers, three yuan can run 500 kilometers. Therefore, if it is a small series of choices, it may be more biased towards Lifepo4 battery . After all, safety is the first. Many executives may think that Lifepo4 battery will cause some problems, but in the face of safety, these things can be Said to be within the tolerance range.