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Lithium ion battery's Advantages and limitations we need to know!

Advantages and limitations of lithium ion battery we need to know!

The lithium-ion battery

For years, nickel-cadmium has been the only suitable battery for portable devices ranging from wireless communications to mobile computing.Today, lithium ion is the fastest growing and most promising field in battery chemistry. Today, lithium ions are the fastest growing and most promising field in battery chemistry.

lithium ion batteries advantages

1. High energy density - greater potential.

2. The new time does not need a long time to start. Just charge it regularly.

3. Relatively low self-discharge - Self-discharge is less than half of that of a nickel-based battery.

4. Low maintenance - no regular discharge; No memory.

5. Special batteries can provide high current for applications such as power tools.

lifepo4 battery limitations

The circuit needs to be protected to keep the voltage and current within a safe range.

2. It ages even when you don't use it - storing it in the shade with a 40% charge reduces the aging effect.

3.. Transportation Restrictions - Large shipments may be subject to regulatory control. This restriction does not apply to personal carry-on batteries.

4. Expensive to manufacture - 40% more expensive than nickel-cadmium

5. Not yet fully matured - Metals and chemicals are constantly changing


lithium ion battery has the potential to have a higher energy density, and the low maintenance cost of lithium-ion batteries is an advantage that most other chemical methods cannot claim.No memory and no need for regular cycles to extend battery life.Despite its overall advantages, lithium ion has its drawbacks. It is fragile and needs to protect the circuit to maintain safe operation.Protection circuitry built into each battery pack limits the peak voltage of each cell during charging and prevents the battery voltage from falling too low during discharge.

In terms of cost to energy, the most economical lithium ion battery is the cylindrical 18650 (18mm x 65.2mm). The unit is used for mobile computing and other applications that do not require ultrathin geometry.

If you need thin, long packaging, then prismatic lithium-ion batteries are the best choice. These batteries have a high cost of energy storage.

ultra thin battery

We have launched a new range of  ultra-thin off-road batteries (lithium ion battery), available in 11 sizes and 5 sizes, to meet your every need.These batteries are used for off-road, power supply in limited space, harsh environments and intense sports.

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