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Maintenance and management of 12 volt marine battery

The marine battery pack is a chemical power supply unit for ship power, lighting, communication, signal and emergency power supply. It is the main component of ensuring the safe navigation of the ship. Therefore, the author summarizes the environmental technology use conditions of 12 volt marine battery for the reader's reference;

12 volt marine battery

The marine environmental technical conditions that must be met by the 12 volt marine battery include the following:

(1) 12 volt marine battery must be adapted to vibration and shock. Vibration can loosen the fixed or connected parts of the electrical equipment, causing structural damage or malfunction of the components. Therefore, it is necessary to have anti-loose measures, vibration damping or vibration isolation measures, and has a strong mechanical structure resistant to vibration and impact.

(2) 12 volt marine battery must be adapted to accommodate tilting and swaying. Continued tilting and swaying breaks the balance of forces in the normal rest position, creating additional forces on the moving parts, causing equipment failure or damage.

(3) 12 volt marine battery must be adapted to the ambient temperature. Ambient temperature has a major impact on the performance and service life of electrical equipment. Ambient temperatures include air temperature and sea water temperature.

(4) 12 volt marine battery must be adapted to the environment of humidity, salt spray, oil mist and mold. Ambient air humidity, salt spray, oil mist and mold reduce the insulation properties of electrical equipment insulation materials, causing corrosion and corrosion of metal parts. The moist salt spray forms a wet leakage film on the surface of the insulating material. Under humid and hot conditions, the mold secretes organic acid, which increases the moisture content of the surface. The adhesion of oil mist and dust to the surface increases the leakage of the surface and hinders heat dissipation from increasing the temperature. Moist water molecules penetrate into cracks and pores of the insulating material, causing an increase in leakage current, resulting in a decrease in insulation resistance. Damage to many electrical equipment is often caused by thermal breakdown of the insulating material. As the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the aging of the insulating material is accelerated and the insulating property is lost. Therefore, marine cables, wires, windings, etc. should be made of materials with high flame resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance and mold resistance, and materials with good flame retardancy, good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance should be used.

(5) 12 volt marine battery must be adapted to the changes in the voltage and frequency of the ship's power grid. The ship power system is an independent limited power grid. Both voltage and frequency are affected by load changes, so the range of voltage and frequency is specified and it is effective to operate within this range.

(6) 12 volt marine battery must meet the protection requirements. In order to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged or damaged by external solid and liquid foreign matter, causing fire hazards, general electrical equipment should have a protective cover.

The above are some of the basic knowledge of the 12 volt marine battery that the author has summarized. I hope that it will help you to use battery and maintaint marine battery