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Daily maintenance of caravan battery

One. Daily inspection

  1. Check the liquid level of caravan battery: perform a full liquid level inspection every week (replenish distilled water or deionized water for about three days in a high temperature environment). If the electrolyte level is too low, it will cause damage to the battery plates and separators and shorten the battery life. The method of observing the liquid surface: firstly open the liquid filling cap, when it is lower than the  most bottom platform.It means that the liquid surface is too low, it should be replenished in time. It is right location, When it is parallel or slightly higher than the uppermost platform in the liquid filling cap
  2. Check the binding posts, wires and covers of the caravan battery: Always check the joints of the battery terminals and the corrosion of the wires at the joints of the wires, and check whether the cover is deformed or not.
  3. Check the appearance of the caravan battery: the dirty surface of the battery will cause leakage, and the surface of the battery should be kept clean and dry.

 Second, maintenance

  1. Add water to caravan battery: add distilled water or deionized water according to the specified liquid level. Do not add too much distilled water to extend the water addition interval. If too much water is added, the specific gravity will drop, and the electrolyte will overflow, thus corroding the cabinet and cable. Line, affecting battery life or leakage.
  2. Charging the caravan battery: The battery will generate gas during the charging process. The charging place should be kept well ventilated, there is no open flame around, and the oxygen and acid gases generated during the charging process will have an impact on the surroundings. Unplugging the charging plug during charging can cause an arc. The charger should be turned off before the plug can be removed. After charging, a lot of hydrogen is trapped around the battery. No open flame is allowed. The cover on the battery should be picked up for charging.
  3. Balance the caravan battery: The battery pack should be charged once a month (ie, a small current for a long time) to maintain battery capacity and extend battery life. Balanced charging method: Firstly charge the battery normally. When the charging is completed, press the balanced charging file and charge continuously for 24-36 hours. In balanced charging, the voltage, density and temperature of each battery should be measured and recorded; before the charging is completed, the density and liquid level of the electrolyte should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the instruction manual.

4, check the caravan battery terminal, wire (connector), cover repair: must be carried out by the manufacturer's designated professional and technical personnel.

  1. Clean the caravan battery: the battery should keep the surface clean. If there is dirt on the surface, it will cause short circuit, which will also cause corrosion of the pole and connecting strip. Useing a damp cloth when cleaning, otherwise static electricity will be generated. If there is no leakage hole at the bottom of the box, try to avoid washing with water, so as to avoid excessive corrosion of the tank. If there is a leak hole at the bottom of the tank, it can be buffered with water in the open space.

Third, custody

  1. caravan battery storage location: can not be short-circuited; short circuit may cause fire due to rain, and may generate a small amount of hydrogen, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated, cool place.

2, the waste caravan battery: the old battery still contains electrical energy, should be stored in accordance with the storage method used.

Fourth, the operation of the electrolyte

  1. Check the specific gravity of caravan battery: check the specific gravity with a suction-type hydrometer. Do not allow the electrolyte to spill out during operation, and wear protective equipment.
  2. Operations other than inspection: Consult a professional, especially when replenishing the electrolyte.

3, check caravan battery electrolyte leakage: due to battery tipping, damage caused by electrolyte leakage, should be immediately urgent treatment.

caravan battery

Fifth. End of life operations

  1. Operation of end-of-life caravan battery: When the battery is near the end of its life, the electrolyte in the single cell is reduced very quickly, and distilled water should be replenished every day.
  2. Disposal of used caravan battery: For used batteries, extract the electrolyte and decompose the battery. It can be negotiated whether it is recycled by the battery manufacturer.

Sixth, other matters needing attention

1, caravan battery has a high voltage, there is a risk of electric shock, please wear insulated gloves during maintenance.

  1. The battery temperature during use should not exceed 60 °C.

3, caravan battery surface can not store any maintenance tools or other metal items.

  1. When descending to less than 80% of the initial capacity, the new caravan battery should be replaced according to the results of the regular inspection.

5, caravan battery electrolyte spilled on the skin or eyes: rinse with plenty of water, and then treated by a professional doctor.

6, caravan battery electrolyte spilled into the clothes: immediately take off the clothes, rinse with water and then rinse with a weak alkaline soap.

7, caravan battery electrolyte leakage: When the electrolyte leaks to the outside, immediately neutralize with lime, strong carbonated soda or soda carbonate, and rinse with plenty of water. Zhenjiang Taiji Electric Vehicle Power Co., Ltd. Technology Department