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Routine maintenance tips of traction battery

The traction battery is used as a DC power source for forklifts, tractors, trucks, underground mine locomotives, etc.It is widely used in airports, stations, ports, vegetable and fruit markets, and industrial and mining enterprise warehouses. At the same time, DC power supplies, which are clean and pollution-free vehicles, are also widely used in public transportation, sports and entertainment. The following is a summary of some of the routine maintenance methods for traction batteries.

traction battery

  1. Check the terminal, wire and cover of the traction battery. Here, it is necessary to check the junction of the battery's terminal and the connection with the wire to observe the corrosion. At the same time, we also need to check whether the cover is deformed or not.
  2. Observe the appearance. Look at the surface of the traction battery for dirt or damage, so as to avoid leakage .
  3. The traction battery should be well ventilated, kept clean, open flame is strictly prohibited, and the lighting should be low pressure explosion-proof lamp.
  4. The traction battery should be clean, tidy and well-fixed. The terminal should be clean and fastened and coated with Vaseline. When charging the battery, be sure to choose a large space. Do not seal in the storage room, basement. In the environment, this can easily lead to battery explosion.
  5. whether it is the charger circuit or terminal, always check to see if there is corrosion, whether there is a break. If there is aging, wear or poor contact, etc., be sure to replace it in time, and do not continue to use it, so as to avoid accidents such as contact points and electric accidents.
  6. The surface, connecting wires and bolts of the traction battery should be kept clean and dry.
  7. the battery should avoid overcharging, overdischarging, strong charging and insufficient charging.
  8. Do not drop any harmful impurities into the traction battery.
  9. Do not place any conductive objects on the battery cover.
  10. After the battery for traction is discharged, it should be charged in time. The maximum interval should not exceed 24 hours.
  11. Pay attention to battery insulation in winter to prevent its service life.traction battery
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