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Cyclen Technology heat battery completed testing, mass production

Through a year of research, Cyclen Technology has created a self-heating function for the battery to self-heat the battery to the optimal operating state in a low temperature environment.

heat battery

The heat battery can theoretically work at any low temperature because the battery is heated from the inside, and there is no fear that the heating rate cannot keep up with the heat dissipation rate, and the problem of the optimal operating temperature of the battery is not achieved.

The basic design principle of the heat battery is to add a piece of nickel foil to the positive electrode, the negative electrode and the electrolyte under the condition that the original internal structure of the lithium battery is unchanged. At low temperatures, an electronic switch is placed outside the cell, the switch is closed at low temperatures, and a short-circuit current nickel foil is generated inside, which quickly heats up inside the cell.

The heat battery solves the problem of ordinary batteries. In cold weather areas, the performance of the battery is degraded, and the problem of power loss has greatly promoted the development of various fields, especially the use of power batteries in cold regions.