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How to increase yacht battery life?

In fact, the general yacht battery is not maintenance, but the battery has a service life. The following is a yacht enthusiast to introduce how to extend the life of the yacht battery and battery efficiency.

yacht battery

  1. keep the yacht battery fully charged. This will keep the battery for a long service life;
  2. Check the yacht battery at least every 30 days;
  3. clean the yacht battery connector and wiring harness regularly.
  4. Check if the yacht battery cable is reliably connected to the terminal. Tighten the hand nut and tighten the terminal nut 1/4 turn with a wrench.
  5. Check the electrolyte capacity of each battery in the battery pack. The liquid level of the electrolyte solution should be above the mark line. If the liquid level is lower than the scale line, add distilled water until the electrolyte reaches the appropriate capacity value. Be careful to overfill the battery box.
  6. Place the yacht battery in a cool, dry place for long periods of time.
  7. Check the yacht battery power every three months using a hydrometer or voltmeter.
  8. If the specific gravity is lower than 1.225 or the voltage is lower than 12.4, the yacht battery needs to be charged.

By doing a few things, you can prevent the yacht battery from running out of the accident, so as to better ensure the safety of everyone sailing.

yacht battery