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“CYCLENPO”Brand story

Cyclenpo was from China’s military industry that was one of China satellite launching armed forces as long ago as 1998. The Company’s main shareholder sponsor is Nick Zhang who served in the army and was responsible for the communications force’s electrical support, power emergency task, and studied and researched on battery and power supply. He completed the military missions very well when he retired from one Chinese soldier, and then he found a company with several shareholders,  registered the brand “CYCLENPO” that meant circular energy and clean life. Cyclenpo is committed to research, produce and sell energy products for global-oriented customers

Since the founding of the CYCLENPO , we always insist customer-focused, Advocating struggle,  innovative to seek the breakthrough, steady management .

For products ,we focus on lithium battery and power solution .

Specifically reflect the following :

  • Advise our customers on the best choice of battery and power
  • Provide solutions for lithium-ion and  lifepo4 batteries that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.
  • Provide scalable, flexible and modular solutions to reduce costs and create value for our customers.
  • Designing efficient solutions using the best technology on the global market.
  • Support clients in their choices and  needs