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Working mode principle of household energy storage system

Working mode principle of household energy storage system

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The home energy storage system structure includes: photovoltaic modules, energy storage batteries, energy storage inverters, grid connected and metering equipment, public power grids, home loads and important loads. PV energy priority
working principle
1. In the morning, sufficient sunlight and PV energy will be supplied to the load first, and the household load will consume photovoltaic power generation to the maximum extent, and the remaining electricity will be stored by the battery; If the light is insufficient, the battery will supplement the power to the load.

48v powerwall battery

48v powerwall battery

2. In the afternoon, after meeting the household load consumption and the battery is fully charged, the remaining electricity will be fed to the power grid. The important load uses electricity, then recharges the battery, finally flows to the household load, and the surplus flows to the power grid.
3. In the absence of sunlight, the storage battery is inversely converted into AC power through the inverter for load use.
4. When the battery cannot meet the load power demand, the power grid will supplement the power for the load.
The 5 kilowatt hour and 10 kilowatt hour battery packs # household energy storage # can be connected in parallel with 16 sets, matching most mainstream manufacturers' inverters to meet the market demand of most household photovoltaic energy storage.

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